Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our responses to the most common questions we are asked in regards to Colonial Gardens Event Center.

I see that the website says events must end at 11:30 p.m.; another venue I looked at just charged an additional rate for each hour past 11:30. Is this something you do as well?
The event must end at 11:30 and everyone off the premise by 12:00 midnight.

The website says that you provide tables and chairs. How many tables and chairs are there? Also, do you guys set them up and take them down or is that something we would do?
There are 200 chairs, 24-72" round tables that sit 10 people at each round. There are 12-8' banquet tables and 20-6' seminar tables. The person renting the facility is responsible for setting up and taking down tables/chairs and clean up.

Does the venue have to be cleaned up the night of the event or do you allow time the next day for clean-up?
For weddings we rent the facility out for Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Set-up on Friday, the event on Saturday and clean-up on Sunday.